MA Alumni (MA African Studies)

Asmaou Nadia Ahmadou Ahidjo
Frantz Fanon and the 21st Century: Ou en sommes nous?

Ibrahim Abdel-Ati
Let the 'Colored' into the Rainbow Nation

David Oladimeji Adisa
Understanding Corruption through Public Perception. A Case Study of Nigeria

Lukas Affentranger
From "The Native is the Enemy of the Forest" towards "Community Based Natural Resources Management": A History of Forest Exploitation in Mozambique

Carole Amann
There Is a Lot of Work to Be Done. Women and Politics in Benin. A Case Study

Helina Bischoff
South Africa's Shifting Identity: Categorisation and Strategy in the Climate Change Negotiations

Stephanie Bishop
Damming the Olifants: Mining and Hydropolitics in the Limpopo Province

Elaine Boegli
Creating Cause: Studying Principle Creation with Outsiders Theory through a Food Justice Organization

Marc Bonenberger
Malnutrition in Zanzibar – Prevalences, Determinants and Mitigation Strategies

Benjamin Brühwiler
MANaging Bankruptcy. Masculinities in Dar es Salaam, 1985-1990

Myra Mae Cabantac
Positioning Success: Perspectives of Nigerian Women in Switzerland

Judith Chan
Social Suffering and Wellbeing: A Case Study of Somali Urban Refugee Youth in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya

Jennifer Chibamba Chansa
The 'Urbanization' of Colonial Mine Labour in Zambia: An Analysis of the Godfrey Wilson Papers on Broken Hill Mine (1938-1941)

Daria Hofer-Czendlik
Malaria in pregnancy – risks, insecticide treated nets and intermittent preventive treatment – a study in Rufiji District, Tanzania

Claudia Gastrow
Designing Dystopias: Social Security in South Africa c. 1939 - 1946

Jacob Geuder 
Die Enträumlichung Bamakos. Transformation und Produktion eines urbanen Raumes

Eliane Giezendanner
Ambiguous "Homecomings": Repatriation of Second-Generation Burundian Refugees

Patrick Grogan
‘Improving’ the Cape Colony, 1815-1821: The Perspectives of Sir Jahleel Brenton

Andrea Grolimund
Transhumance towards Northern Togo: Effects of a new inter-ministerial order

Joël Muhizi Hakizimana
Les Africains de Suisse face aux enjeux de l'intégration

Sabine Hoop
Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Services in Rwanda: Sex Education and Decision-Making

Brian Howell
The Price of Insecurity: The Growth and Impact of Private Security Firms in Africa

Yakubu Ismaila
NGOs as Agents of Change in Health Development: The Agogo Presbyterian PHC Unit and CBS Volunteers

Nora Julien
Das Bild der Jugend des Femina Health Information Projects HIP in Dar es Salaam, Tansania. Eine diskursanalytische Untersuchung der 'Fema' Jugend- und Aufklärungszeitschriftenproduktion

Chantelle Kley-Gomez
Pictures of an Afropolitan Uplift: How Visual Representation of Africa in ARISE Magazine contributes to a new and modern African Identity

Jeanine Krucker
The Discovery of Aquifers in Turkana County, Kenya: A Preliminary Study on the Prospective Impact of Recent Groundwater Findings on Pastoralist Communities

Myriam Küng
MA Thesis: Normal Life in Rwanda. Everyday life on the campus of the National University from the perspective of the student restaurant

Sonja Kyburz
"Sending money home" A study on the remittance behaviour of Cameroonian migrants in Switzerland in the context of transnational family relations

Leona Lortie
Rhetoric and Reflection in the Face of Opposition: A Discursive Analysis of the Maji Maji in Colonial Germany

Agnes S. Lusito
Realizing Foreign Investment in tanzania. How Policy Framworks Inform the Realization of the Bagamoyo EcoEnergy Project in Matipwili Village, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Corinne Lüthy
The Development of the Water Distribution in Ouagadoudou, Burkina Faso: The Influence of Public Water Organization ONEA

Timoteus Mashuna
The 1978 elections: South Africa's decolonisation plan for Namibia and its other implication

Sandra Näf-Gloor
Wanderlust or career planning? How the journey to South Africa in the years 1802-1806 determined the life of Hinrich Lichtenstein

Inge Neugebauer
A Decade of Uncertainty: From Segregation to Apartheid in a South African School: Lemana Training Institution 1948 – 1958

Manuela Nyffenegger
Truth and fiction in the life accounts of former slave-children on Sansibar. A comparison of Anton Horner's/Jean-Joseph Gaume's Suéma and A.C. Madan's Kiungani

Martina Obrecht
Familienangehörige von Migranten in Burkina Faso. Gelebte transnationale Sozialräume aus der Perspektive der Daheimgebliebenen.

Peter Ayoola Oderinde
The Rise of African Immigrants: A Case Study of Nigerian Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the Economy of South Africa, 1994-2013

Sunghea Park
Living as a Deaf Person in Urban Tanzania: Transformative Social Resilience Research of Deafness

Denise Pfander
"So gross oder klein wie ein Mensch, so gross oder klein ist sein chi." Aspekte eines Persönlichkeitskonzepts der nigerianischen Igbo im Vergleich mit dem Selbstkonzept C.G. Jungs.

Jeanne Pulver
Performative Kommunikation - Theatrale Intervention. Wirkungsziele und Wirkungsweisen einer kollektiven Theaterarbeit in Bobo-Dioulasso / Burkina Faso

Francesca Renggli
Mediation - Mittel internationaler Konfliktbewältigung? Mediation als Peacebuilding-Konzept in Nord Kivu der Acte d'Engagement

Karin Riedweg
Stärken und Schwächen der Civil Society Organizations erötert am Beispiel von HIV/Aids in Tansania

Franziska Rüedi
Asinamali! - We have no money: Social Movement Activism and the Role of the Churches in the Vaal Triangle c. 1975-1985

Nadin Saxer
Coming Home: Reintegrating Male Returnees from the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda

Anna Schelling
Flourishing Trade at the Mouth of the Volta: The Significance of the Basel Mission and the Basel Mission Trading Company in ada, 1870-1914

Jon Schubert
Dez jogadores contra um guarda-rede. Angola. The Dynamics of State and Civil Society 2002-2007

Sylvie Schumacher
The potential of Community Health Workers and the creation of social security in Tanzania. Are microcredit programmes an option for safeguarding the provision of health services at the community level?

Christian Schätti Zundel
Cultural epidemiology and self-management of type 2 diabetes in rural South Africa: a pilot study

Anke Schürer-Ries
Ruth Dammann and Anneliese Scherz: Unsung Photography and the Image of the Bushman in Post-Colonial Research

Sandro Simon
The Becoming of the Bamenda Wetlands. Cultivation in Continuous Change

Pia Steinmann Mandume
"Manuel ist mein bester Freund, mein Halbbruder". Eine qualitative Untersuchung der Beziehungsnetze von Jugendlichen aus Kamerun und der Demokratischen Republik Kongo in Basel

Sarah Stettler
Ethnisierungsprozesse in Ruanda - Bedeutungsänderungen der Begriffe "Hutu" und "Tutsi"?

Gordon Tabiri
Masculinity and Sexual Health: Perceptions of HIV/AIDS by First Year University Male Students in Legon, Accra

Natalie Tarr
"Le Message Choisit La Langue" Language Choices and Attitudes Among University Students in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Dorothea Taube
Wissensvermittlung Afrikaspezifischer Inhalte in der Entwicklungspolitischen Bildungsarbeit. Eine lebensweltliche Beschreibung wissensbildender Elemente bei ReferentInnen in der nicht-formellen Bildung

Florian Unterfrauner
Living with Change – Adaptation Strategies of Cameroonian Studio Photographers in the Face of New Technologies

Caro van Leeuwen
Home or Hospital? Birthing Decisions of Women in Accra, Ghana

Merel Roos van Zelderen
Notions of culture and its significance in doing business with and in Africa

Cyrilla Weber
Der Umgang mit der Vergangenheit. Aspekte des Transitional Justice Process in Sierra Leone (Dealing with the past. The transitional justice process in Sierra Leone)

Nicole Weydknecht
CSR in South Africa: Do Swiss trans-national companies address local CSR issues?

Chantal Wullimann
The Production of Road Traffic: Strategies of Pedestrians to claim Space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Henri-Michel Yéré
The Cultural Biography of a Generation: Zouglou Music and Youth in Côte d'Ivoire

Fabienne Zannol
Legislative Frauenquote in Tansania. (Un-)Möglichkeiten eines globalen Werkzeuges im lokalen Kontext

Alexandra Zettelmayer
Gesundheit der mobilen Pastoralisten im Tschad: Gegenwärtiger Stand und zukünftige Ausrichtung der Forschung und Umsetzung

Chantal Zimmermann
"Wie eine Wand, hinter der man das Leben nicht sieht." Nothilfe und ihre Spannungsfelder im Alltag von LangzeitbezügerInnen aus Afrika

Tizian Zumthurn
Climate and Agriculture in Central Namibia, 1845 – 1920. A Study in Historical Climatology and Environmental and Social History


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