Asmaou Nadia Ahmadou Ahidjo, MA

MA Thesis

Frantz Fanon and the 21st Century: Ou en sommes nous?

Nadia A. Ahidjo's thesis explored  the use and applicability of Fanonian thought within more current theories, and how best to use these world views to interpret social processes. Alessandrini poses the question of whether “ [there can] be anything other than various kinds of appropriations of Fanon’s work, appropriations which would need to be judged individually to determine their accuracy, their usefulness, and their political valences...” A typology of current issues developed within the MA thesis catalogued these main issues into identifiable categories, and served the purpose of maintaining the crucial link between history and social experiences as a process which should be given much regard in our analysis of how political, social, cultural, racial and economic realities are articulated in the 21st century. Frantz Fanon occupies a central place in framing the ties that bind this process within a reality that we sometimes struggle to define and/or understand. In conclusion, the issue is not whether or not society is faced with the same issues as in the 50s. Rather it is about showing the ways in which Fanon allows us to make use of history as a process, where interpretations of the past can be used to illustrate current matters.


Nadia is a member of Bokamoso Leadership Forum