Daniela Oppliger, MA


Daniela Oppliger holds a BA degree in Sociology, Environmental and Political Science from the University of Freiburg (CH) and graduated with a Master in African Studies focusing on the Sociology of Development and Political Sociology in 2012. She laid her main focus on the questions of how development programs and actors, globalization, migration and political transformation influence the thinking and acting of individuals.
Daniela is currently a trainer in non-violent conflict management and works as a coordinator for a project dealing with Islamophobia and the discrimination of the Muslim population in Switzerland. Furthermore, she is attending an advanced training in ‘The Art of Conflict transformation’ enabling her to become a professional mediator.

MA Thesis

What fawours the desired outcome of a development project? - Perceptions of involved actors


This Master thesis denies the functionalistic, linear and teleological approach of contemporary development projects where project policy inputs have causal effects on its outcomes as it is promoted in the project design. Instead, it focuses an actor-orientated approach sup- posing that projects are negotiated within heterogeneous actor groups. Accordingly, project outcomes are unpredictable and actions of the target population don't necessarily have to be in accordance with the development project policy. Nevertheless, it is to assume that there are conditions that favor the desired outcome of a development project. The aim of this thesis is to find this out. Doing so, 'world views' of different actor groups in a develop- ment project are investigated and compared.


Daniela Oppliger
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