Inge Neugebauer, MA


Inge Neugebauer is a high school teacher at the Gymnasium St. Antonius in Appenzell, Switzerland. She completed her MA studies in 2010 as a part-time student. Her main interests lie in the fields of visual arts and multicultural education.

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MA Thesis

Ein Jahrzehnt der Ungewissheit: Von der Segregation zur Apartheid in einer südafrikanischen Schule. Lemana Training Institution 1948-1958.

A Decade of Uncertainty: From Segregation to Apartheid in a South African School: Lemana Training Institution 1948 – 1958

The thesis is a microstudy of a mission school during a crucial decade in the history of education in South Africa. Lemana  was established by the Mission Suisse romande (later Swiss Mission) as a teacher training institution in 1906 and handed over to the South African Government in 1958. Today Lemana High School at Elim in Limpopo is one of the historical mission schools in South Africa that benefit from the Historic School Restoration Project established by Anglican Archbishop Ndungane.

The scope of data resources used for the work involves films, bulletins, interviews, photographs, and a survey. The primary material was consulted at the Swiss Mission Archive in Lausanne (Switzerland) and at Cullen Library of Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg (South Africa). Primary resources were written in three different languages (French, English and German).The thesis is accompanied by a CD Rom with all recorded interviews, maps of the region and school complex and dozens of photographs of the remaining historical school buildings, as well as of former students and teachers.

The thesis is mainly based on the idea of writing a school history of Lemana Teacher Training Institution in order to serve Lemana Highschool today.

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