Pia Steinmann Mandume, MA


After studying Social Anthropology, Pedagogics and MGU, Pia Steinmann Mandume started the Master programme African Studies in the winter term 2003/04. She successfully finished her studies in May 2006.

Presently Pia Steinmann Mandume is working for Gsünder Basel as head of the project for immigration and health.

Pia Steinmann Mandume is looking forward to connecting more with African institutions in the region of Basel and to meeting more African immigrants in Basel.
She is also a passionate dancer in the African Dance Group Les Agigis.

MA Thesis

"Manuel ist mein bester Freund, mein Halbbruder". Eine qualitative Untersuchung der Beziehungsnetze von Jugendlichen aus Kamerun und der Demokratischen Republik Kongo in Basel

Her Master Thesis deals with people who have come to Switzerland already as children or adolescents. It is looking at how they maintain ties to their home countries in terms of family, social life and culture and how they connect to their new home, Switzerland. This is shown through reconstructive social studies with immigrants from Cameroon and Congo.