Sonja Kyburz, MA


Sonja Kyburz is working at the International Office for Migration in Berne. She coaches voluntary returnees to Nigeria, to East and South African countries, Angola, the DRC and the Near East including Iran. She is also in charge of communication in this field and the corresponding newsletter

MA Thesis

"Sending money home" A study on the remittance behaviour of Cameroonian migrants in Switzerland in the context of transnational family relations

This MA thesis developed from the experience of a study trip to Douala, when Sonja conducted interviews with prospective migrants, returnees, those staying behind, but also with migrants and their families in Switzerland. The connex family and migration became a focal point in her studies and resulted in this investigation in remittances which was supervised by Denise Efionayi-Mäder of the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies.