Mohomodou Houssouba

Houssouba is an author and literary scholar. Although he lives in Basel today he is heavily involved in Malian intellectual life. He is a member of the steering committee of the Mali Symposium on Applied Sciences and also established a website that serves as a database for research on Songhay and was engaged in the construction of the Firefox 4 browser in Songhay.

Mohomodou Houssouba was born in Mali in 1965, and grew up in the city of Gao. After studying in the capital Bamako he did his PhD in English Studies (with emphasis on African American Literature) in 1998 and taught at the Illinois State University, USA. The title of his thesis was Teaching the Diaspora. Beyond Identity Politics.

In 2009, Mohomodou Houssouba taught a course on Mali at the Centre for African Studies (The Epic of Sunjata and the Making of National Narratives).

Fields of expertise: Diaspora studies, language and literary studies, creative writing (prose and poetry)

Current research interests: Travel narratives and cross-cultural exchanges, language, local knowledge and history, especially along the Niger Bend, Open-source (Mozilla or Opera-based) translation Web tools for the Songhay language, “localization” of African languages in the Internet, multimedia African-language dictionary projects

Teaching experience: Courses in African American & African literatures, applied linguistics, literary studies

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  • Poems published in the Druids’ Cave (Normal, Illinois), Pikestaff Forum (Bloomington, Illinois), Dominion Post (Elkins, West Virginia)...

Work in Progress
  • “Lettre de la voisine lointaine” (novel, northern Mali-Niger 1990-96)
    Electronic Songhay Dictionary