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Call: 7th Namibia Research Day in Basel

Basler Afrika Bibliographien and ZASB, together with the University of Namibia, invite students and scholars working on Namibia to participate in the 7th Namibia Research Day (25/26 September 2020). Interested participants are requested to submit a research abstract/project summary by 11 August.

The Namibia Research Day brings together graduate students and scholars of all levels and from all disciplines to share their research, experiences and expectations. It offers the possibility to discuss ongoing or recently completed research on Namibia in an interdisciplinary context. The Day also offers the possibility for common reflections on a variety of (practical) issues with which researchers in Namibia are faced with, such as archival and institutional opportunities and challenges or questions regarding academic cooperation. In 2020, the Day will include online sessions with participants at the University of Namibia in Windhoek.

The Namibia Research Day explicitly addresses all disciplines, themes and topics. Interested participants are requested to send a research abstract/project summary (not more than one page) and let us know if interested in giving a brief presentation. The final format and programme of the Day will be communicated at a later stage, depending on the number of participants and the disciplines represented as well as the actual Covid-19 situation.  

The Namibia Research Day is jointly organised by the Basler Afrika Bibliographien (Namibia Research Centre & Southern Africa Library) and the Centre for African Studies at University of Basel, Switzerland, and also, for the first time this year, in collaboration with the Department of Geography, History, Environmental Studies and Tourist Management, University of Namibia. Participation is free of charge.

Kindly register until Tuesday 11 August 2020 with Dag Henrichsen, Basler Afrika Bibliographien ( or one of the other organisers:

 Venue: Basel (Switzerland), details to be announced.

Due to Covid-19 venue restrictions, we can only communicate the exact date - 25th or 26th September - at a later stage.