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Call: Masculinities in West Africa – Moving Beyond Crisis Tropes

11th International Mande Studies Association Conference, 10-14 June 2020 at Uppsala University, Sweden

Theme: Beyond Crisis and Insecurity: Cultural Creativity, Popular Struggle, and Social Change in West Africa

Call for Papers

Within recent decades, research on men and masculinities in Africa has increased substantially. However, the majority of this work has been situated in Eastern and Southern African contexts. This panel aims to address the gap in knowledge and understanding regarding men and masculinities in West Africa. Generally, stereotypical images of African men have focused on the disruptive side of masculinities, depicting men as irresponsible, uncaring, and prone to violence.The examples are many; in places such as Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and beyond, men have been blamed for inciting wars, engaging in gender-based violence, and exacerbating infectious disease epidemics. (...)

Please send your paper abstract (500 words max.) together with your name, organizational affiliation, and email address by November 20, 2019, to Carole Ammann ( and Kristen McLean (