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Call: National Association of African American Studies & Affiliates

February 11-16, 2019 Dallas, Texas - February 11-16, 2019

The National Association of African American Studies & Affiliates is in the process of preparing for the February 11-16, 2019 national conference. The organization would strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for a paper and/or poster presentation. In addition to your involvement, NAAAS would encourage colleagues and professionals you are associated with to participate. 

The 2019 national conference has also attracted several organizations who will deliver special learned experiences and services. Among these include: the Association of Title IX Administrators, National Association of Black Storytellers and National African American Drug Policy Coalition. We are confident additional groups will partner within the next month. 

The national organization is also in a position to extend conference discounts and/or special support for internationals submitting her/his research by October 15th. Funding is limited, therefore, NAAAS would suggest your provide your submission within the next thirty days.


  • Abstracts, not to exceed two (2) pages, should be submitted that relate to any aspect of the African and African American experience. Subjects may include, but are not limited to: literature, demographics, history, politics, economics, education, health care, fine arts, religion, social sciences, business and many other subjects. Please indicate the time required for presentation of your paper (25 minutes OR 45 minutes).
  • Abstracts with title of paper, presenter's name, home and institution/organization address and email should be postmarked
  • Send Abstracts to Lemuel Berry, Jr., Ph.D. Executive Director, NAAAS & Affiliates PO Box 545 Westbrook, ME 04098-0545 Telephone: 207/856-2500 / Fax: 207/856-2800 / Email:

Deadline: Saturday, November 30, 2018

Further information: National Association of African American Studies (NAAAS)