Visiting Professors & Lecturers

Prof. Diogo Valença de Azevedo Costa

Affiliated researchers

Susann Baller, Dr. des. (SNF postdoc fellow)
Gregor Dobler, PhD, habil (Professor for Social Anthropology, Albert Ludwigs-Universtität Freiburg i.Br.)
Divine Fuh, PhD (University of Cape Town)
Mohomodou Houssouba, PhD
Paul Jenkins, MA cantab.
Luregn Lenggenhager (PhD-student)
Giorgio Miescher, Dr (Marie Curie Fellow)
Manfred Perlik, PhD (University of Berne)
Lorena Rizzo, PhD (post-doc, Bielefeld)
Jürg Schneider
, Dr (post-doc)
Roberto Zaugg, PhD (post-doc, Sciences-Po, Paris)

African Studies / coordination office 

Veit Arlt, PhD (executive director, scientific coordination)
Maike Birzle, MA (PhD-student)
Stephanie Bishop, MA (PhD-student)
Melanie Boehi, MA (PhD-student, assistant)
Julia Büchele, MA, (PhD-student, assistant)
Michelle Engeler, PhD (post-doc)
Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, PhD (post-doc)
Susann Ludwig (PhD-student, assistant)
Elísio Macamo, Prof. PhD (professor in African Studies, speaker of the Centre)
Rosario Mazuela, MA (project coordinator)
Giorgio Miescher, PhD (post-doc, Marie Curie Fellow)
Pierrick Leu, MA (PhD-student, assistant)
Manfred Perlik, PhD (associated researcher)
Joschka Philipps, MA (PhD-student)
Haddy Sarr, MSc (PhD-student)
Pascal Schmid, Dr. des. (scientific coordinator advanced studies and communication)
Anna Sommer, BA (student assistant)
Noemi Steuer, PhD (post-doc, project coordinator)
Albert Tibaijuka, MA (PhD-student)
Esther Uzar, MA (PhD-student, assistant)

Institute of Social Anthropology

Carole Ammann, MA (PhD-student)
Kerstin Bauer, Dr (assistant and coordinator of research project)
Michelle Engeler, MA (assistant)
Andrea Grolimund, MA (PhD student, assistant)
Till Förster Prof. Dr (head of department)
Barbara Heer, PhD-student, Humer scholarship
Rita Kesselring Dr. des. (assistant)
Lucy Koechlin, PhD (lecturer and coordinator of research project)
Silke Oldenburg, PhD (lecturer)
Brigit Obrist van Eeuwijk, Prof. Dr (lecturer)
Piet van Eeuwijk, Dr (researcher and coordinator of research project)
Fiona Siegenthaler, PhD (post-doc)
PhD-students at the Institute of Social Anthropology click here

History Department

Melanie Boehi, MA ( PhD-Student)
Etienne Aubert, MA (Assistent)
Benjamin Brühwiler, MA (Assistent Lehrbauftragter)
Patrick Grogan, MA (Doktorand, Projektmitarbeiter)
Tanja Hammel, MA (Doktorandin, Projektmitarbeiterin)
Patrick Harries, Prof. Dr (chair for African History)
Giorgio Miescher, Dr (lecturer)
Lorena Rizzo, PhD (post-doc, Bielefeld)
Guy Thomas, Dr (lecturer)
Roberto Zaugg, PhD (post-doc, Sciences-Po, Paris)
Lecturers and PhD-students within the field of African History click here

Department of Environmental Sciences

Jan Beck, Dr (assistant)
Simon Loader, Dr (post-doc assistant)
Peter Nagel, Prof. Dr (head of department)
Nikolaus Kuhn, Prof
Eberhard Parlow, Prof
Roland Vogt, Dr (lecturer)
Ralf Peveling, PD Dr (lecturer)
Lena Bloemertz, Dr (lecturer)
PhD-students at the Institute of Environmental Sciences click here

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Patricia Schwärzler, lic. phil. (PhD-student, research assistant NCCR N-S)
Marcel Tanner, Prof. Dr (director)
Kaspar Wyss, M.Sc., PhD, MPH (project leader)
Jakob Zinsstag, Prof. (project leader)
Guéladio Cissé, Prof (lecturer)
Christian Schätti Zundel, MA, PhD (postdoc)
Researchers and PhD-students at the Swiss Tropical Institute click here

Ecumenics and Missiology

Andreas Heuser, Prof (associate professor non-European Christianity with focus on Africa)
Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, PhD (post-doc)
Benedict Schubert, Dr theol. (lecturer)

Centre for Jewish Studies

Daniel Lis, PhD (postdoc)

Institut d'Études françaises et francophones

Lorenza Mondada, Prof. Dr. (French Linguistics)

Zentrum Gender Studies 

Serena Dankwa, MA (associated PhD-student)
Andrea Maihofer, Prof. Dr (ordinaria)
Stephan Meyer, MA (PhD-student, coordinator cooperation projects with South Africa)
Patricia Purtschert, Dr (associated researcher)

Political Studies

Laurent Goetschel, Prof. Dr (lecturer)
Didier Péclard, Dr (lecturer)

Department of English

Christine Giustizieri, lic. phil. (PhD-student)
Therese Steffen, Prof. Dr (professor of gender studies in the anglophone context)

Institute of Sociology

Max Bergman, Prof. Dr (chair for sociology)
Stephanie Bishop, MA (PhD-student)
Julia Büchele, MA, (assistant)
Pierrick Leu
, MA (PhD-student)
Elísio Macamo, Prof. Dr (Professor in African Studies)
Ueli Mäder, Prof. Dr (chair for sociology)
Axel Paul, Prof. Dr. (chair for sociology)
Benjamin Schwalb, MA (assistant)
Esther Uzar, MA (PhD-student)

Department of Cultural Studies and European Ethnology

Lilo Roost Vischer, Dr phil (lecturer)

mission 21

Kafui Sandra Afanou, Dr (lawyer, in charge of the Cameroon programme)
Guy Thomas, Dr (historian, head of archives and library)
Anke Schürer Ries
, MA (head of collection of historical photographies, assistant to head of archives and library)
Paul Jenkins, MA cantab. (historian, former achivist)
Jochen Kirsch, Revd, (in charge of programmes in Cameroon and Nigeria; coordinator of the Afrika-Team)
Armin Zimmermann, Dr. theol. (in charge of programmes in Tanzania)

Museum der Kulturen

Jelena Engler (student assistant)
Franziska Jenni, lic. phil. (curator)


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