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24 Feb 2021
18:00  - 20:30

Online via Eventbrite

CAMRI, University of Westminster

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Decolonising the Curriculum? Which Curriculum? How? and by Whom?

Organized by the by Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster

The epistemological underpinnings of knowledge in today’s world were shaped during colonial times for purposes of social control. For the majority of people in the world, particularly those in the global South, what is learnt, understood, and how the world is viewed have been structured by coloniality emanating from the global North – itself a construction. Education was mobilised to sustain colonial empires.

Many efforts to reform have not gone far enough. De-colonising the University Curriculum is a recent radical student movement, which started in South Africa (2011), and challenged this status quo. The Black Lives Matter protests are also a key challenge to white-centric voices and academic coloniality, which have so far silenced and marginalised other epistemological perspectives. The call for equity, and the removal of structural imbalances, both in and outside the academy, is now a global concern, including concern across UK universities. The movement has, in fact, been so important, that it has now become part of the newspeak that is readily regurgitated by university managers, educational strategists, and policy makers in the UK education sector and beyond.

Moving beyond facile articulations of ‘curriculum decolonisation’, this CAMRI Webinar enunciates a double theoretical manoeuvre, championing a decolonising task process that is ready to subvert and unsettle both the ‘westernising’ and ‘de-westernising’ processes of knowledge production.


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