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19 Nov 2020 - 05 Dec 2020




swisspeace course: Preventing Violent Conflicts

Continued education module offered by swisspeace and the University of Basel

Conflict prevention remains high on the international policy agenda. Conflicts such as the ones in Syria, South Sudan or Yemen have only increased interest in how to prevent violent conflicts, locally, nationally as well as internationally. This virtual course provides a unique opportunity to explore different conceptual, thematic, and practical issues of conflict prevention with a large and diverse selection of experts and experienced practitioners.

After an introduction to the notion of conflict prevention, an overview of the international policy framework and different approaches, the course will explore two highly relevant thematic issues related to contemporary conflicts: elections and migration. Both issues will be discussed in their complex relationship with conflict, both as a cause and consequence of violence, as well as in their potential for prevention – illustrated with practical examples from the conflict contexts. Another main focus of the course will be on the potential and practical application of conflict prevention methods. The course will provide in-depth insights into different early warning and early response systems.

Throughout the course, the emphasis is on how the various concepts and methods and the practical insights can be applied to participants’ own work and contexts.

Application Deadline: 30 September 2020

Date and place: 19/20, 26/27 November, 04/05 December 2020 (virtually)

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