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Four Junior/Senior Researcher Positions: 4IR/AI and care in Africa

Institute for Humanities in Africa (Huma), University of Cape Town, South Africa

HUMA is an interdisciplinary research institute at UCT, based in the Faculty of Humanities. Its primary objectives are threefold: to undertake and champion interdisciplinary research and exchange; to promote the next generationof academics; to contributeto social commentary and debate that straddles academic and non-academic publics. Each is undertaken from the vantage point of an Afropolitan outlook and Pan African approach, and an interest in establishing appropriate linkages and relationships elsewhere on the continent and globally. HUMA’s intellectual agenda is shaped by one central theme: On Being Human, which isorganisedaround four research clusters: (1) Humanity and its Limit, (2) Human/Non-human,(3) Humane/Inhumane and (4) Humanist/Anti-humanist. Amongst the Institute’s strategic initiatives are: a publications and dissemination programme, a lusophone programme, a policy and public engagement programme, a grants and fundraising programme, and a skills development programme for nurturing and mentoring a new generation of disobedient Pan African scholars in the humanities.

HUMA is looking for researchers with a Pan African focus who have a wide network with other African scholars and research organisations working on Africa, particularly in Africa and Africa-focused global organisations.

Senior Researcher: 4IR/AI and care in Africa

1 post, 2-year contract: Applications due: 4 December 2020

Junior Researchers: 4IR/AI and care in Africa

3 posts, 2-year contract: Applications due: 4 December 2020