Internship: International Development Volunteering Opportunities

Street Child UK

Street Child is a registered UK charity with offices in the UK and Europe. They believe that access to education is the best way to help people out of poverty. They began working in 2008 and since then we have helped over 200,000 children access education and 15,000 families set up businesses to become self sufficient. Their belief is that development should be locally driven and sustainable. Therefore, all of their projects are carried out by local organisations and actors, with Street Child providing funds, assistance and external knowledge.

To learn more about Street Child and their work please visit their website.

International Volunteering Opportunities

Street Child offers a range of volunteering and internship positions across Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda) and Asia (Sri Lanka, Nepal). If you are interested in pursuing a career in International Development, Communications or Business Development then these positions are a fantastic opportunity to gain real work experience, make your CV stand out and learn how NGOs work and administer their programmes. Positions include projects assistant, project researcher, communications volunteer, business development volunteer and other more specialised positions. They also offer dissertation research roles.

Please have a look at the full range of available positions here.

All volunteers are asked for a fundraising commitment. Street Child is NOT a voluntourism company and does NOT ask for payment. Rather, they ask for fundraising to raise money for their projects and to increase the exposure of Street Child. They set each volunteer the challenge of raising €1200. Volunteers will be assisted by an expert EU team from start to finish to make it easier to reach the target.

If you are interested in joining or have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Street Child at