Job: Social worker / Psychologist

Kenya, Embulbul

The area has a mixture of high-and low-income population from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. The low-income population is engaged in small business enterprises while the wealthier population is in paid employment and business. In 2001, the then parish priest realized the need to complement evangelization and pastoral care with healthcare; education (primary and secondary), psychological counselling & training services, as well as a range of other community-based training courses. These provide the much-needed psychosocial support to population struggling with poverty, HIV/AIDS, drugs addiction, unemployment, family breakdown, trauma and other social ills.


  • At least 5 years of experience as a Social worker or Psychologist with added knowledge / degree in family therapy, family systems
  • Supplementary education e.g. Psychological psychotherapy, systemic counselling, mediation
  • Teaching experiences for the support in course work with counsellor training
  • Between ~35 and 60 years old
  • Resident in Switzerland or Germany
  • Very good English language skills and willingness to learn Kiswahili

General Working Conditions:

  • Between 35 and 60years old.
  • Resident in Switzerland or Germany.
  • Completed vocational or tertiary education.
  • At least 5yearsof professional experience.
  • Good knowledge of the national language of the country of destination.
  • Good physical and mental health.
  • You display initiative and commitment and work well in a team.
  • You like to improvise and be creative in order to find new ways of doing things.
  • You are keen to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds, religions and living environments.
  • You are prepared to sign up for a three year assignment and motivated to live a simple lifestyle during this time.
  • You are prepared to contribute to public relations and fundraising.
  • Workload: 100%

Further information: