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PhD fellowships: Excellence in Africa – 100 PhDs for Africa programme, 2021 call for proposals

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

The EXAF Centre is initiating a new programme called “100 PhDs for Africa”, as part of the  Excellence in Africa initiative, jointly launched by UM6P (the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco) and by EPFL (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne).

Main eligibility requirements:

  • To have the endorsement of a professor at an African academic institution
  • To be a national of an African country, enrolled in an African university
  • To have an outstanding academic track record

The 100 PhDs for Africa programme will give to science and engineering graduates the opportunity to pursue a PhD at an African higher education institution. The PhD candidates benefiting from this programme will be jointly supervised by a professor of an African institution and by an EPFL professor. They will conduct their doctoral studies and their thesis research at their institution in Africa, and they will spend short periods of time at EPFL and at UM6P (summer and spring schools, workshops, conferences).

The first call for proposals is now open, with a deadline for applications set for 20 April 2021. Talented master graduates who have the endorsement of a professor at an African higher education institution for PhD supervision are very welcomed to apply. 

Please feel free to contact the organisers with any further questions (exaf@clutterepfl.ch).