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Basler Afrika Bibliographien publishes book about African Comics

We all know the colonial and stereotypical images of the African continent and of the people living there. Especially older comics such as The Adventures of Tintin or Mickey Mouse have taken up the image of the “untamed” continent with its “wild” inhabitants. Moreover, modern superhero comics mirror the western view of Africa. What about the African point of view, though? The true African comic? The editors of this catalogue present a wide range of African comics: superhero and underground comics as well as comics with propaganda content or an educational focus.

Comics are more than just a manifestation of pop culture – they transport the history of their time and depict it. Comics are an integral part of our culture and, through the combination of images and words as an artistic expression, have a history of their own.

Kaboom! Of Stereotypes and Superheroes - African Comics and Comics on Africa
Von Stereotypen und Superhelden - Afrikanische Comics und Comics zu Afrika

Corinne Lüthy, Reto Ulrich, Antonio Uribe (eds.)
Basler Afrika Bibliographien/ Brandes & Apsel 2020, 156 p.

You can purchase the book as Print or e-book here.