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Call for Papers: 28th biennial ASAUK Conference (Cardiff, September 8-10 2020)

ASAUK conferences have establishes a reputation as supportive and collaborative events and are a key event for scholars working on and in Africa. They bring together scholars of Africa from a broad range of disciplines and from around the world, they are attended by scholars at all stages of their careers.

Dr Sada Mire, a world authority on the archaeology of Northeast Africa will be the Keynote speaker at the 28th biennial conference of the African Studies Association UK conference. Dr Mire will deliver a lecture entitled ‘The Archaeological Heritage of the Somali Horn of Africa’ on Tuesday 8 September 2020.

Thematic Streams

Colleagues are invited to propose papers and additional panels to the 43 selected thematic streams (details of these streams can be found HERE).

A01.Access, empowerment, opportunities: Multilingualism in the African context

A02. Affective Desires and Power in Academic Knowledge Production

A03. Africa during the communist and post-communist period: Decolonising narratives in Eastern Europe

A04. AFRICA: Journal of the International African Institute

A05. African Economic History

A06. Agency in Southern African Liberation Struggles: biographical perspectives

A07. Art Heritage, Violence and Resilience in Africa

A08. Binyavanga Wainaina: Literary Legacies and Creative Futures

A09. Congo-stream: Trends and Dynamics in the DR Congo under the Kabila Administration (2001-2019)

A10. Contemporary African Screen Contexts, Cultures and Texts: Themes and trends across the continent 

A11. Contested Urban Spaces

A12. Contradicting Orthodoxy: Samir Amin, Socialist transformation and ‘sovereign national projects’?

A13. Cutting Edge Peacebuilding Research in Africa: Engaging Early Career Researcher

A14. Dignity and Development 

A15. Disciplining, knowing, remaking Africa: Exploring knowledge practices that have informed, resisted, or transformed ‘the Africa gaze’

A16. East Africa’s twentieth-century global connections

A17. Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies Stream 

A18. Experimenting Sex / Exploring Gender – Revolutions and Contestations

A19. Gender and Violence in Africa

A20. Gendering new infrastructure development

A21. Global Health, Human Rights and the State in Africa

A22. Governing Biotechnology in Africa

A23. In Crisis

A24. Journal of African Cultural Studies

A25. Lagos: new approaches to a global megacity

A26. Learning from African Informal Economies 

A27. Legacies of Biafra

A28. New moral economies of care and welfare in Africa. A return to the universal?

A29. Pratiques endogènes de résolution de conflit et de préservation de la paix en Afrique

A30. Religious Innovation and Imagination in Africa

A31. Remote Warfare in Africa

A32. Repositioning of Africa in knowledge production: Shaking off historical stigmas 

A33. Rethinking Approaches to the Study of Childhoods in Sub Saharan Africa

A34. Revisiting Africa’s Land and Agrarian Questions 

A35. Set the world on fire: Transnational women in the public imagination

A36. Silences in the struggle for gender equality in the global South 

A37. Statehood in Africa

A38. Technologies of politics in Africa

A39. The concept of translation in Africa: challenging Translation and Interpreting Studies

A40. The Politics of Transitional Justice

A41. Understanding and mapping local politics

A42. Watery pasts and arid futures?

A43. Whose Property? Whose Heritage? Traditional Knowledge, Community Rights and State Interests 

Deadlines and submission process

Please note that whilst there are no open streams for this conference, the wide range of accepted interdisciplinary thematic streams are all open to paper and panel submissions. So, if you missed the opportunity to propose a stream, please don’t miss out on the opportunity to present your research in a paper or panel proposal.

Please note that for purposes of programming the organizers can only allow TWO paper or panel proposal submission per person. In addition, you can propose a Roundtable and/or book launch for the conference (a total of FOUR ways to participate at the conference).

The deadline for submission to the conference programme (organised sessions, book launch requests and roundtable meetings) is Sunday 22 March 2020. All submissions should be received by this date. Please direct any questions to

How to submit your proposal

Before you can submit your paper or panel proposal, you will need to create an account to use the Conference Abstract Management System (COMS).

Please follow the instructions on the website.