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Call for Papers: Political Parties in Africa - Conference Series Internal Changes and Foreign Policy of African Countries (Porto, 22-23th October 2020)

Centro de Estudos Africanos Universade do Porto

In Africa, the political party (as well as the Trade Union) has been one of the most successful acculturations in order to enforce social and political change during colonial times. Within the new African States -especially after 1990 and the rise of multiparty elections - an inflated number of political parties and movements has arisen. Regardless of their different social standings, different organisational endurance and their very much different position regarding to power, a flux of new African political organisations keep expressing deep trends of African societies. How much has this phenomena impacted African inner and foreign policies? More than one century after being imported, is there an African way for the Political Party?
This Conference expects to discuss these issues in interdisciplinary mode as well as to give a broad overview on the much different situations that have emerged throughout the continent.

Guideline for proposals

Papers (maximum 300 words, abstracts in English or in two languages being one of them English)

Working languages of the paper proposals

English and French or Portuguese or Russian

Proposals should be sent to CEAUP: