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Critical Urbanisms Website Update

Student Work

The program for Critical Urbanisms updated their website. A selection of their first Master Theses, in addition to a selection of other student work, are now available online. Visit the webpage to access and download these works, such as Evan Escamilla's research on transfronteridad, Lea Nienhoff's research on transnational urbanism between Mozambique and the GDR, or Hanna Baumann's researched on lived modernity in Tema, Ghana. Updates will follow progressively.

About Critical Urbanisms

The interdisciplinary Master in Critical Urbanisms at the University of Basel expands the study of the urban by examining today’s social struggles and global conflicts in relation to the legacies of empire and alternative practices of world-making and knowledge production. It starts from the premise that the world’s urban and environmental challenges call for new ways of thinking as well as doing. Imagining alternative futures means rethinking the present—its historical making, its political unfolding, and the ways in which it is made sensible. The four-semester program involves immersive learning in dynamic urban contexts, with the choice between a semester of study and research on urbanisms from the Global South, which takes place at the African Centre for Cities of the University of Cape Town, or a semester of study and multi-sited research exploring urban processes that work across North/South geographies.