Musik am Zentrum für Afrikastudien Basel

20 May 2020


Livestream concert: Ayanda Sikade (ZA)

Urban Sessions

Ayanda Sikade

Since we have been attacked by the deadly virus, we have experienced a lot of problems. Such as financial, social as well as spiritual disturbance. I feel that also music, which was handling some of these problems has disappeared or has been confined in order not to have much of an impact on spiritual nourishment.  I feel i must make it a point that since Urban Sessions have provided the platform to play live music with other musicians on the same stage rather than playing music in a lounge, I will be able to channel the fire that has been missing. Fire that brings hope and makes one feel content. And that has been my primary reason to play and I am grateful for the opportunity to inspire and connect again with my audiences through a different channel. This is the vision behind this Trio performance.

Read more about Ayanda Sikade's CD Movements in the Mail and Guardian and on UK-vibe.

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