09 Feb 2019 - 07 Apr 2019

Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum | Cäcilienstraße 29-33, 50667 Köln

Ausstellung / Vernissage

Exhibition: Getting Closer Ways of Understanding Climate change in East Africa

organized by REAL (Resilience in East African Landscapes)

Placing a plastic tube with glycerol in it and some mesh on top in the thick swamp vegetation in order to find out why the region around Mount Kilimanjaro all of a sudden is dotted with tomato fields although it rains less. Playing football in a village in Kenya to understand why people there are fighting for land.

Getting Closer is an attempt to break down climate change to its local, observable implications. It shows methods applied by researchers from various fields to grasp how a changing climate has affected people’s lives in rural communities in Kenya and Tanzania. It takes you closer to their stories.

Further information: Exhibition Getting Closer

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