20 Feb 2019
18:15 - 20:00

Basler Afrika Bibliographien | Klosterberg 23, 4051 Basel

Gastvorlesung / Vortrag

Lennart Bolliger: 'Forged in Battle': The Transnational Origins and Formation of Apartheid South Africa's 32 'Buffalo' Battalion, 1975-76

Namibian and Southern African Studies Research Colloquium

This presentation discusses the transnational origins and formation of 32 'Buffalo' Battalion, one of the most highly decorated and most infamous units of apartheid South Africa's military. The unit was headed by white South African officers but manned predominantly by black Angolan ex-guerrillas, often portrayed as 'mercenaries'. Bolliger argues that this portrayal is not only inaccurate and misleading but fails to capture the extraordinary trajectory of how these ex-guerrillas came to fight on the side of apartheid South Africa.

Lennart Bolliger is from Switzerland and recently completed his DPhil thesis at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford.

With this lecture we start the Spring Semester 2019 Namibian and Southern African Studies Research Colloquium. Please find attached the entire semester programme.

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