05Dec 2019-06Dec 2019

Congress Center Basel | Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

Symposium: Climate Change and Health - Risks, Adaptations, Resilience and Co-Benefits

Swiss TPH Winter Symposium

Climate change will affect global health in many different ways. Adaptation strategies will be sorely needed to prevent major negative health consequences in countries in most need and mitigation measures will result in substantial health co-benefits.

Join the symposium for a rich and intellectually stimulating programme of talks, discussions and debates on cutting-edge research and case studies from various world regions. 

  • Climate-related health risks 
  • Vulnerabilities and impacts in different contexts
  • Health and non-health adaptation measures
  • Frameworks for health system resilience strengthening
  • Mitigation and health co-benefits

Chairs: Guéladio Cissé & Martin Röösli

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