15Sep 2019
13:00 - 16:00

Kunstmuseum | Gegenwart
St. Alban Rheinweg 60, 4052 Basel

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Visual History Lab 2019: A Social History Reading of the William Kentridge Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Basel

Public closing event of a week long seminar organised by the Centre for African Studies

The Visual History Lab at the Centre for African Studies takes place yearly. It is a learning format, which allows students to spend one week working intensively on a particular topic. The lab ends with a public event, which students organise themselves.
The Visual History Lab 2019 is concerned with the William Kentridge exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Museum für Gegenwartskunst) in Basel, which is on show between June and October 2019. William Kentridge is one of the most renowned and internationally recognised South African visual artists.
We will explore how 20th century South African history is addressed in Kentridge’s oeuvre, and situate him as an artist in the politics and aesthetics of South African artistic production, a critical domain in which questions of race, class and gender are negotiated in exciting and often provocative ways. Likewise, a Kentridge show in Basel will provide the opportunity to discuss if and how his art speaks to audiences in here, and in what ways the exhibition might invite us to think about the arts, race, class and gender in a Basel context.

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