11Oct 2018

Lorena Rizzo and James Merron
Centre for African Studies, Rheinsprung 21, Basel, room 0.004.

Lecture series

Christian Crouch (Bard College, New York): Queen Victoria‘s Captives

Within the public lecture series Aesthetics from the Margins

The lecture seriesAesthetics from the Margins (course no. 52040-01, 3 CP) proposes historical and theoretical inquiries into questions of sensual perception and world-making. By considering different aesthetic forms, media and practices – among them photography, literature, language, and the performing arts – we will explore colonial and postcolonial ways of being in and making sense of ‘world(s)’, especially if these are articulated from a perspective of marginality.

All dates in this series:

27.09.2018 Erica Carter (King‘s College, London): White Bodies in Motion

11.10.2018 Christian Crouch (Bard College, New York): Queen Victoria‘s Captives

25.10.2018 Henri-Michel Yéré (University of Lausanne): If Language Could Speak

8.11.2018 Brian Larkin (Columbia University, New York): The Political Aesthetics of Generators

22.11.2018 Darren Newbury (University of Brighton): Visual Mobility & Cordiality in the Cold War

13.12.2018 Jane Taylor (UWC, Cape Town): Ne‘er So Much The Ape


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The seminar Aesthetics from the Margins (course no. 52043-01, 3 CP, Friday 9-12h) complements the lecture series and allows for intensive exchange with the invited speakers.

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