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Book: Descent into Night

Right at the beginning of the book, he wants to kill himself to finally put to rest the flashbacks from the murderous days of the crushing of the student protests in Lomé. But the memory of the friend from the prison camp who chose him as…

CD: Urban Village Udondolo

With Udondolo, Urban Village present a varied, well-rehearsed record. The masterful quartet plays vibrant mbaqanga, but goes further in the process.

Buch: Die Schiffbrüchige

Lange kann sich Anguille in den Wellen nicht mehr am Benzinkanister festhalten, den sie sich gekrallt hat. Doch sie hat noch viel zu erzählen, von der Leidenschaft und vom Verrat, von Vorace und von Voilà, dem Säufer mit seinen sieben…

Mdou Moctar: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Since 2008, Mdou Mactor mixes classic Turag music with ectronic guitar play. In this feature, recorded last year and now available on NPR, his band is celebrated for its artistic virtuosity in bringing psychodelic rock elements in Tamasheq…

Tupodcast: Tupoka Ogette im Gespräch über Antirassismus, weisse Privilegien und Ally-Sein

Für Tupodcast wurde Tupoka Ogette für den diesjährigen Online Grimme Award "Bildung und Wissen" nominiert. Der Podcast stellt die Geschichten schwarzer Frauen vor, die sich selbst in einem rassistischen System verorten. Ihre…

Buch: Nomaden von Laetoli

Der junge Archäologe Martin Anderson folgt der Einladung Arthur Millers, der alten Koryphäe seines Fachs, ins Rift Valley. Dort erforscht der alte Professor die Spuren der Urmenschen.

CD: Femi Kuti & Made Kuti: Legacy+

Fela Anikulapo Kuti not only left behind gripping, pulsating music with radical songs, but also two descendants who carry on his legacy. His son Femi Kuti and his grandson Made Kuti move to new horizons with this afrobeat album.
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Podcast: Cry like a Boy

What does it mean to grow up as a man in Africa? The makers behind this interview and documentation podcast trace the stories behind centuries-old stereotypes of men and shed light on men who actively take action for gender equality across…
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Buch: Der treue Verstorbene

Der berühmteste Autor der Kapverden soll in der Hafenstadt Mindelo seinen neuen Roman vorstellen. Doch bevor Miguel Macieira die Bühne betritt, nähert sich sein bester Freund Edmundo, zückt eine Pistole und schiesst ihm ins Herz.
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Podcast: 1-54 Forum

1-54 Forum is the cultural program of the art fair "1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair" consisting of artist talks, lectures and readings. The podcasts reflect the intellectual and artistic breadth of artistic creation in Africa and the…
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Book: My Sister, the Serial Killer

Korede is a smart and capable nurse and secretly in love with a doctor, Tade. This could become something, if only it were not for her sister Ayoola - who, in contrast to Korede, is blessed with a stunning beauty and draws men irresistibly…

Movie: Das neue Evangelium

The filmmaker and his team return to the origins of the gospel and stage it as a passion play for an entire population. Together with Yvan Sagnet, a former farm worker and activist from Cameroon, Milo Rau creates a new gospel for the 21st…
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The Assurance Podcast

In a new podcast series, British-Nigerian DJ Juba who is based in Berlin, portrays female DJs across the Global South. The Assurance Podcast is a follow up to Juba’s documentary 'Assurance' which explored the experiences of female DJs in…

Book: Flashs - Aphorèmes

For 10 years Timba Bema searched for the source of the poem, this matrix from which spring rises, these combinations of images, sounds, rhythms and signs that the attentive poet catches day after day, year after year. In this collection,…
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Book: The Dragonfly Sea

The new novel by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor takes the reader into the world of the young Ayaana and her mother. The book review appeared in the current Africa Bulletin.

CD: Star Feminine Band

Musical input from Benin. The seven-person girl band challenges old traditions in their home country Benin and abroad. Pius Frey reviewed this great record for the current issue for the Afrika-Bulletin.
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Cambridge Development Podcast

Since mid-February, the Cambridge Society for Social and Economic Development produces a novel podcast. In this, postgraduates create a forum for current debates in development studies and thus contribute to a critical questioning of the…

South South Veza: Viewing Room Kiximbi

On this website, South South Veza curates contempory art by artists from the global South. Kiximbi is the name of one of the viewing rooms. Here, spectators are confronted with new and exiting currents in contemporary art production. The…

CD: "Optimisme" by Songhoy Blues

Desert blues from West Africa is cultivated and lived by some bands and musicians. Songhoy Blues from Mali present "Optimisme", a courageous, rocking record.

ZASB student Lina Noll produces new afrobeat song

Lina Noll, a student in our African Studies Masters's program, and the Nigerian musician UGO jointly composed and recorded this tune which was featured as newcomer on radio Bayern 3's evening show on Wednesday 10 February 2021.

Podcast: Bobi Wine: From musician to politician

Starting in the beginning of January, Spotify Studios launched a new podcast series tracing Ugandan Bobi Wine in the fight for democracy in his home country.