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Call: Exciting Lecture on African History (Leiden, 18-20 June 2020)

5th Biennial CRG African History Conference

The 5th Biennial CRG African History Conference, hosted and organised by the African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands, will take place on June 18-20 2020.

Conference format
The conference format centres on opinionated thematic roundtables with three to five speakers, lasting one and a half hours each. Roundtables should invite discussion of the topic at hand with the wider conference audience through a series of brief essayist presentations of larger ideas by the roundtable participants, leaving ample time for general discussion. Please note that it is not at all the intention of these roundtables to serve as a space to present papers. They serve as platforms for wider discussion. The conference includes only one key lecture: "The Exciting Lecture on African History". Please note that the conference organisation will not be able to finance travel or accommodation for any of the participants except the "Exciting Lecturer".

Call for roundtables
All CRG members are called upon to propose roundtables. Proposals should include a 300-word presentation of the topic, and the names of three to five confirmed participants. A scientific committee will select between 4 and 6 roundtables. Please send your proposal before 31 December 2019 to:

Call for nominations "Exciting Lecture on African History"
For reasons lost forever to posterity it has been decided to call the one biennial lecture at the CRG conference "The Exciting Lecture on African History". The lecture shall take about 30 minutes, with a further 30 minutes for discussion. All CRG members are called upon to nominate a scholar to present this lecture. Eligible for nomination are all those scholars who have recently published or otherwise presented an exciting new book, idea, theory or other path-breaking new work that merits our further attention. The academic rank of the proposed lecturer is of no importance, only content counts. A scientific committee will select and invite the speaker from the proposed nominations. Auto-nominations will not be considered. The conference organisation will pay the travel and accommodation expenses of the invited speaker. Nominations should reach the commitee before 31 December 2019. Nominations can be sent to:

Scientific committee:

  • For the Africa Studies Centre Leiden: Klaas van Walraven, Rik Jongenelen
  • For the CRG African History: Baz Lecocq, Julia Tischler
  • External Members: Cassandra Mark-Thiesen, Rouven Kunstmann, Robert Heinze, Marie Huber