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Call for paper proposals "“Idea of Europe From the Outside”"

Our colleagues Julia Büchele and Metka Hercog invite paper proposals for their panel at the Conference Europe's Past, Present, and Future: Utopias and Dystopias (University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland June 22-24, 2020)

Panel: “Idea of Europe From the Outside”

Conveners: Metka Hercog and Julia Büchele, University of Basel

In this panel we wish to explore the production of the idea of Europe from the outside. To understand the idea of Europe we must also turn its gaze outside itself. What is imagined from outside of Europe matters not only as an idea but it also affects peoples’ behavior. For example, images in films or literature may create affective association and familiarity with locations, which might lead to travels or plans for migration. Peoples’ everyday actions, such as consumption or tourism, as well as external political strategies depend on how Europe is seen as an important political force, a signifier of dominance, or high quality of life. These images can be new or built on the historical experiences with or projections of Europe. We want to discuss what is expected and perceived as “European” as cultural signifier in regions in Asia and Africa, as these are the regions of focus for many of the European cultural co-operation projects. The panel offers an opportunity to delve into perceptions of Europe in artistic and literary narratives, about European identity and identification with Europe from the outside, narratives of alterity in Europe and among Europeans abroad, or the links between European cultural policies and their reception.

Papers presented could (among others) address topics of public diplomacy oriented towards Europe, identity making and cultural influence, artistic narratives of Europe.

We invite contributions to be submitted by 13th October 2019 to Metka Hercog ( and Julia Büchele (

Paper proposals should include paper abstracts (no more than 250 words) and presenting author information.