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Centre for African Studies under new leadership

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Lorena Rizzo, Julia Tischler and Martin Röösli

The Steering Group of the Centre appointed a trio of Co-Speakers.

Following up on the General Assembly held on Tuesday 26 February 2019 the Steering Group met and decided on the leadership.

It defined a trio of Co-Speakers consisting of Dr. Lorena Rizzo, Prof. Martin Röösli and Prof. Julia Tischler

Dr. Lorena Rizzo  ist the leader of the research group Aesthetics from the Margins and lecturer in African Studies.

Prof. Martin Röösli  is Associate Professor for Environmental Epidemiology at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

Prof. Julia Tischler  is Tenure Track Professor for African History at the Department of History.

This choice reflects the wish of the Steering Group for a stronger representation of women in leading positions and of members of the Group II (Non-tenure track assistant professors, lecturers, honorary professors, private lecturers, research staff with teaching assignments. Prior to the meeting the General Assembly in a by-election confirmed the nomination of Dr. Rizzo as member of the Steering Group.