/ Continuing Education

Conference: Language, Individual & Society

Science and Education Foundation, Bulgaria (23-27 Aug)


  • Language, history and culture; Personality and creativity
  • Culture studies, anthropology and ethnology; Interdisciplinary research
  • Multiplicity of identities in contemporary culture
  • Globalisation vs. cultural identity
  • Culture and language communication
  • Tradition and innovation in culture
  • Culture and semiotics
  • Arts and literature
  • Modern theories of language and communication
  • Cognitive nature of communication
  • The role of information and communication technologies in present-day society
  • Communication in the structure of cultural space
  • Foreign language teaching & intercultural communication
  • Sociology of language
  • Language and Society
  • School of Languages and Social Sciences
  • Language, interaction and conversation
  • Sociology of Language and Religion
  • Sociology of knowledge and language
  • Immigration and Language
  • Language, Structure, and Measurement
  • Contrastive Sociolinguistics

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