Summer School: Africa 2030 – Multidisciplinary research approaches to challenges in health, demographics, economics and policies

University of Bordeaux calls for applications for the Bordeaux Summer School Africa 2030 (9th - 11th July, 2019).

In a nutshell...

This summer school is open to graduate and doctoral students as well as professionals interested in the topic of development in Africa. It provides participants with a critical and complementary analysis of the major challenges that have affected the African continent over the past 20 years as well as the challenges for the next ten years and that concern the fields of health, demographics, economics and policies.

The program offers a variety of learning experiences including:

Expert interventions on major development issues in Africa over the next ten years;
Multi- and interdisciplinary debates on diverse policy and development sectors (health, land, food security, urban governance, technology, climate and environment, etc.);
Collaboration within a multidisciplinary group on a multidisciplinary project (health, demographics, economics, political approaches) that addresses a key topic for Africa 2030.

Participants will have access to the most recent data and knowledge, as well as fresh insights into public policy processes in African contexts. They will also have the opportunity to interact and connect with the experts, researchers and professors present.

Further information:Africa 2030