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Call for applications: PhD scholarship (CLAIMS to Energy Citizenship in South Africa)

African Centre for Cities (ACC)

The African Centre for Cities (ACC) invites applications for a PhD scholarship as part of the "CLAIMS to Energy Citizenship" project, funded by DANIDA (2024-2028).

The ACC was established in 2007 at the University of Cape Town as an urban research centre. The mission of the ACC is to "facilitate critical urban research and policy discourses for the promotion of vibrant, democratic and sustainable urban development in the global South".

The "CLAIMS to Energy Citizenship" project focuses on energy transitions in South Africa and has three work packages (WP). This call is specifically for the PhD that will align with WP1. The PhD will be co-supervised by Prof Waltorp and Dr Cirolia. This WP will explore understanding electricity challenges from an ethnographic perspective, with a focus on everyday experiences and practices. The PhD project will focus particularly on households in Khayelitsha who have been involved in mini-grid and related energy experiments.

Application deadline: 19 July 2024.