Public Health, Ecosystems and Well-Being

Given that human health is closely interlinked with social-ecological systems, we pursue interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to deepen our understanding of environmental health risks in different social and cultural contexts. In our activity, we consider a broad range of health outcomes ranging from well-being to chronic diseases. We conduct climate change research by combining climate modelling and health data to find solutions for both, adaptation and mitigation. We also have a strong track-record on pesticide research, which includes exposure assessment and health studies. Further, our research comprises a wide range of additional environmental exposures in water, soil and air, which are of pertinent health such as air pollution, noise and radiation. To better understand the complex interactions of the environmental conditions with social, cultural and economic contexts, social sciences plays a key role. A key goal of our activity is work towards successful interventions to improve the health situation of the population, thereby concentrating on vulnerability and resilience.