14.11.2005 | 17:15 to 19:00

NFP 42+ Switzerland - South Africa. Exciting research results on debate

Public discussion

On 27 October 2005 the report of the National Research Programme 42+ on the relations of Switzerland with the Apartheid state will be presented to the media. The study was commissioned by the federal council in May 2000. Not long after the researchers had taken up their job, access to the archives was restricted. Some private archives, especially of larger companies, remained closed right from the beginning. All the same the team has come up with interesting results. Amongst others the 542-page report raises questions as to the Swiss national identity during the period of decolonisation and growth of the UN. Together with the researchers and the head of the project we discuss the results of the report, its implications for the self-image of the Swiss, access to archives and censureship, as well as political implications.

Peter Hug, Dr phil, historian, author of the report on the South Africa policy in the UN and in Switzerland
Jürg Künzli, Dr iur, author on the report on the legal room to maneuver in Swiss foreign policy against states that violate international law
Prof. Georg Kreis, historian, Europainstitut of the university of Basel, head of the research programme
Mascha Madörin, lic rer pol, economist, member of the Solidarity Fund for the social struggles for liberation in the third world and of the Aktion Finanzplatz Schweiz-Dritte Welt
Barbara Müller, lic phil I, Fonds für Entwicklung und Partnerschaft in Afrika and Afrika Komitee, author of the report on perceptions and forming of opinions in Swiss foreign politics

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