27.10.2007 | 07:12 to 10:00

Transforming institutions and resources: State, society and economy in Ethiopia


In the workshop the PhD candidates Alemmaya Mulugeta, Sibilo Keno and Ephrem Tessema (NCCR North-South) will present and discuss their research on Ethiopia:

Alemmaya Mulugeta: The Notion of Violent Conflicts and  their Transformations in the Context of Pastoral Areas of Ethiopia

Sibilo Keno: Decentralization and Negotiating Statehood in Ethiopia: The Case of Oromia Region, 1991-2006

Ephrem Tesema: Conflictive Economic Relations: The Production, Trade and Consumption of (Catha Edulis) Khat in Ethiopia

The workshop will be held in English.

Ethnologisches Seminar
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4051 Basel

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