ECAS 2009: 3rd European Conference on African Studies

The overall theme of ECAS 3 is "Respacing Africa". Members of the Centre for African Studies Basel contribute as convenors of panels or with papers.

The members of AEGIS (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies) and the Institute of African Studies at the University of Leipzig are hosting AEGIS third biennial conference in Leipzig, Germany, from 4 to 7 June 2009. The overall theme of ECAS 3 is "Respacing Africa". The AEGIS Steering Committee encourages scholars and students interested in African Studies to participate in this conference.

The first European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) was held at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in London in July 2005; the second Conference was held at the African Studies Centre in Leiden, Netherlands, in July 2007. Both were a great success and it is hoped that ECAS 2009 in Leipzig will be just as interesting and thought-provoking.

AEGIS was founded in 1991 as a network of European Centres of African Studies. It is a network of university and non-university African Studies centres based in Europe. It aims to create synergies between experts and institutions. With primary emphasis on Social Sciences and Humanities, AEGIS' main goal is to improve understanding about contemporary African societies. AEGIS current membership is Barcelona, Basel, Bayreuth, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Göteborg, Hamburg, Leiden, Leipzig, Lisbon, London, Mainz, Naples, Oxford, Paris, Porto, Trondheim and Uppsala.

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