Publication: "The Changing Faces of Aawambo Musical Arts"

Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2017

How does a peoples’ music reflect their history, their occupations, cultural beliefs and values? These are the core questions that this book addresses in rela-tion to the Aawambo people of Namibia. The author brings to the fore the nuanced views of different people, describing their personal musical experiences – past as well as present. This is the first time that the music and stories of contemporary Namibian musicians is shared alongside those of the elderly. Similarly, it is the first time that some of the traditional Aawambo dances are analysed and described, abundantly illustrated with colourful photographs and several songs.

Based on years of personal research, this book will appeal to research scholars, students and other
interested readers alike, since its style is accessible but detailed, personal yet objective.

Minette Mans is a Namibian born academic, previously Associate Professor in the field of music,
dance and education. She has published several books and many scientific articles that often cover
the field from a Namibian perspective, and has performed field research mainly in the northern
regions of the country.


  1. Aawambo people in Namibia: history and musical heritage
  2. The work we do: Performing daily lives 
  3. Praise and Endurance: What men value 
  4. New from Old: Women and their Weddings 
  5. Moonlight Play: Teaching old, developing new
  6. Myths & Metaphors: the enduring magic of stories
  7. Urban Oshiwambo Music: hybrid realities
  8. An Aawambo musical world: a theoretical position
  9. A collection of Aawambo songs

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