Research Fellow spring term 2009: Prof Nick Shepherd, UCT

With support from the Carl Schlettwein Foundation, the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries and the Fonds für Lehre und Forschung

From January until June 2009 Prof Nick Shepherd from the Centre for African Studies and the Centre for Science Research at the University of Cape Town is guest of the Centre for African Studies Basel and the Centre for Competence on Africa. The research fellowship at the University of Basel is organised jointly by the Centre for African Studies Basel and the Programme for Science Studies. The fellowship is to intensify the cooperation between these institutions and programmes. Nick Shepherd will teach two courses, one research seminar on Science Studies and one exercise course relating to urban studies.
The seminar Public Negotiations in Science and Technology is directed to postgraduate students (PhDs and postdocs but also to advanced MA students). It addresses theoretical and conceptual questions that appear at the intersection between the fields of Science & Technology Studies and African Studies. The objective is to attract and engage a group of students and researchers interested in or working at specific projects or case studies that have to do with aspects of science, technology and society in postcolonial contexts.
The excercise course Space, Memory and Identity in the Post-Apartheid City explores the busy, complex and contested set of processes whereby issues of culture, race, gender, sexuality, globalization, memory and heritage are being reframed and rethought in post-apartheid society. It is open to MA- and advanced BA-students.


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