New swisspeace courses

Theories of Change in Fragile Contexts, 14-16 February 2018

Effective programs for fragile contexts: This training focuses on how ‘good’ theories of change help practitioners to gain an in-depth understanding of their programs and their impacts. Read more, register online 30 November 2017. 

Peace Mediation Course, 2-3 March 2018

Learn about non-violent conflict transformation and improve your negotiation and mediation skills. In this 2-day course, mediators share their experience with supporting peace processes. Read more, register online by 31 December 2017. 

Gender in Conflict & Peacebuilding Course, 13-14 April 2018

In this 2-day course, participants  acquire a critical understanding of gender-oriented responses to peacebuilding and apply a gender perspective on conflicts. Read more, register online by 31 January 2018. 

Preventing Violent Conflicts Course, 2-4 May 2018

Conflict prevention – beyond a moral obligation and economic necessity? Learn and exchange about practical approaches to the prevention of violent conflicts. Read more, register online by 28 February 2018.


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