New publication: “The Politics of Nature and Science in Southern Africa”

The idea for this edited volume came out of the workshop on “The Politics of Nature and Science in African History” that took place at the University of Basel on 15 – 16 April 2014.

This book edited by Melanie Boehi, Giorgio Miescher and Maano Ramutsindela brings together recent and ongoing empirical studies to examine two relational kinds of politics, namely, the politics of nature, i.e. how nature conservation projects are sites on which power relations play out, and the politics of the scientific study of nature. These are discussed in their historical and present con- texts, and at specific sites on which particular human-environment relations are forged or contested. This spatio-temporal juxtaposition is lacking in current research on political ecology while the politics of science appears marginal to critical scholarship on social nature. Specifically, the book examines power relations in nature-related activities, demonstrates conditions under which nature and science are politicised, and also accounts for political interests and struggles over nature in its various forms.

The Basel Graduate School of History, Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft Basel and Swiss South African Joint Research Programme generously supported the workshop and the preparation of the publication.

Maano Ramutsindela, Melanie Boehi and Giorgio Miescher: The Politics of Nature and Science in Southern Africa. Basel 2016 (Basler Afrika Bibliographien). ISBN: 978-3-905758-77-1.

How to order: You can order the book through Basler Afrika Bibliographien.


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