Ufuk Tepebas: The role of Turkey’s development assistance policy in its foreign trade with East Africa

Turkey’s trade relations with Africa have shown a remarkable development over the last year. Especially, the rising trend with Sub – Saharan Africa is noteworthy. On the other hand, Turkish official development assistance towards Africa has also been rising steadily and Eastern African countries have been the primary recipients of Turkish foreign aid. However, there is limited information about Turkish development assistance towards East Africa and its impacts on trade. This deficiency may bring the following questions:

  • How Turkey’s development assistance towards East Africa influences trade relationship?
  • Is aid a strategic tool for Turkey’s access to East Africa market or its resources?
  • May aid provide support for business ventures?
  • What are the types of Turkey’s development assistance and who are the key institutions?  
  • Who are priority trade partners for Turkey and primary aid recipients of Turkish aid?
  • Can Turkey diversify trade partnerships in East Africa via development assistance?
  • What are Turkey’s advantages and challenges in this region?


Supervisor: Prof. Elisio Macamo
Co-supervisor: Prof. Teresa Pullano
Contact: ufuk.tepebas-at-unibas.ch

Ufuk Tepebas
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