Gabriela Gehler Mariacher: Drug donations in Tanzania. Stakeholders' perception and knowledge

PhD-thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Science 2008

The study aims at optimizing in-kind drug donation processes. Tanzania and Switzerland were chosen by opportunity as recipient and donor country. Tanzania has low access to essential drugs and receives substantial drug donations as in-kind gifts. In order to improve drug donation practices, the study firstly characterizes in-kind drug donation processes in Tanzania, and secondly explores practice and perception of both Tanzanian and Swiss stakeholders in the processes. The results show a high acceptance of drug donations in Tanzania. Unused drug donations and drug donations given as gifts from individuals, i.e. single-source drug donations, are perceived as problematic, while drug donations provided within the framework of programs are welcomed. The results suggest that donors should actively communicate with recipients and thereby promote a demand-driven drug donation process that respects Tanzanian regulations. Recipients on the other hand should assure systematic collection of data, strengthen the collaboration between the public and the private sectors and establish an autonomous, centralized body for coordination of drug donations.