Reviews and Awards

Prof. Mamadou Diouf, Columbia University, New York:

“This study is a very rich contribution to the African as well as the general theoretical discussion on youth popular culture, democracy, governance and the African state. An original and solid analysis of both the discursive and physical presence of the Guinean youth in the public space, it tracks meticulously, beyond the politics and economics of the youth predicament, the culture and imaginary attached to youth. Its specific examples are drawn from a copious use of written and oral sources associated to a solid ethnographic exploration of the Guinean social and political scene.”

Prof. Crawford Young, University of Wisconsin-Madison:

“This invaluable work explores urban youth gangs in Conakry, Guinea. Tightly disciplined and organized, their action extends well beyond the criminality implied by the term. The precarious situation and uncertain prospects of urban youth, and their frequent rage at their marginality, make them a volatile social force. They are at once an appealing target for political instrumentalization, but hard to control. The informed and insightful analysis in this succinct book is of comparative application to many large African cities.”

Conakry, 2012 (Photo: Joschka Philipps)

Prof. Abdou-Maliq Simone, Goldsmiths College, London:

“In Ambivalent Rage, Joschka Philipps grasps the urbanity of even the most seemingly limited of cities—that despite clear absences of infrastructure and effective provisioning and management, residents intersect the various tools at their disposal, such as ethnic affiliation, class differentiation, geographic location, and the specificities of the built environment to elaborate the potentialities of their circumstances. Philipps incisively analyzes how youth put together specific tools for relating to everyday conditions, and that assuming these tools places youth within very specific demeanors and orientations."


2012 Junior Researcher Award of the German Association for African Studies (VAD)


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