Survey Data

This page gives you free access to the SPSS files containing the survey micro data used in Ambivalent Rage. The polls were carried out in all districts of Conakry between 2009 and 2010. They document the perspectives of over 300 individuals on youth, political protests, Guinean society, politics and conflict resolution, all of which may be differentiated by age, gender, educational background, income, residential area, etc. 

Conakry, 2012 (Photo: Joschka Philipps)

The survey research was carried out by a team of Guinean students and the author. Respondents were usually addressed in public spaces (on the street, in cafés, etc.) and the survey research team was asked to refrain from using personal networks to gather the data. While this does not rule out sampling biases and cannot guarantee a fully representative picture of Conakry’s population, the surveys have yielded striking findings—particularly with regard to often-neglected intergenerational linkages and the strong importance of the respondents’ residential area.

Given the dearth of relevant and reliable survey data on the topic, this free data access is to provide other researchers with the opportunity to test or refine their hypotheses on youth, political conflicts and conflict resolution (which was the initial research topic in 2009).