Basel Papers on Political Transformations

The Basel Papers on Political Transformations are a quarterly series seeking to contribute to theoretically informed and empirically grounded understandings of actors and processes of political transformations in Africa and beyond. The series is edited by Till Förster and Lucy Koechlin. The series opened with a programmatic sketch of the editors’ research agenda on politics and governance in Africa. The papers are available for download on the website of the Institute of Social Anthropology

The editors welcome contributions across disciplines. Proposals can be submitted to Lucy Koechlin (

2015/8 Rita Kesselring:
Moments of Dislocation: Why the Body Matters in Ethnographic Research

2014/7 Alemmaya Mulugeta:
Development Facilitators, Land Acquisition and Governance in Pastoralist Areas of Ethiopia

2013/6 Andrea Kaufmann, Carole Ammann:
Talking of Differences, Propagating Unity. Politics of Ethnicity in Urban Liberia and Guinea

2013/5 Till Förster, Lucy Koechlin:
Mali - Impressions on the current crisis

2012/4 Till Förster:
Statehood in a Stateless Society - Political Order and Societal Memory in Northern Côte d'Ivoire

2011/3 Till Förster, Barbara Heer, Michelle Engeler, Andrea A. Kaufmann, Kerstin Bauer, Kathrin Heitz:
The Emic Evaluation Approach - Epistemologies, Experience, and Ethnographic Practice

2011/2 Andrea A. Kaufmann:
"But things are coming small small, that's how we're seeing it": Agency of a Liberian Women's Organisation in a Context of Insecurity, Scarcity, and Uncertainty

2011/1 Till Förster und Lucy Koechlin:
The Politics of Governance: Power and Agency in the Formation of Political Order in Africa


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