Research Projects

Centre for African Studies

Elísio Macamo, Stephanie Bishop, Pierrick Leu
Technological Artefacts in African Urban Settings

Elísio Macamo (with Georg Klute, Trutz von Trotha, Thomas Hüsken, Mario Krämer)
African Political Cultures: A Comparative Study in Guinea-Bissau, Libya, South Africa, and Zambia

Elísio Macamo, Manfred Perlik, Noëmi Steuer
Construire son Avenir: Self-Conception and Career Practices of Young Graduates in Burkina Faso and Mali

Elísio Macamo (with Brigitte Schnegg, Sheila Meintjes
, Noor Nieftagodien)

Safeguarding Democracy: Contests of Values and Interests - Case Studies of South Africa and Switzerland

Giorgio Miescher
Empires of the Visual: public visual economies in Southern Africa and the genesis of African modernities

Institute of Social Anthropology

Research at the Institute of Social Anthropology is organized in three research groups: Visual Culture, Political Transformations and Medical Anthropology.
Within these three groups there are numerous projects relating to Africa. For a detailed overview of projects, researchers and ongoing PhD projects see the homepage of the Institute of Social Anthropology.

Till Förster, Fiona Siegenthaler
Visualizing Transformation: Contemporary Art in Johannesburg

Till Förster, René Egloff, Bettina Frei
Visual Culture in Urban Africa II

Till Förster, Babson Ajibade, René Egloff
Visual Culture in Urban Africa I

Till Förster, Kerstin Bauer, Gregor Dobler, Kathrin Heitz
Regaining Trust in Post-Conflict Societies: A comparative Study

Till Förster, Georges Lüdi, Lucy Koechlin, Andrea Kaufmann, Carole Ammann
The Work of State Imageries: How Imageries of Governance and the State constitute Everyday Practice in Conflict affected West Africa

Brigit Obrist van Eeuwijk, Flora Kessy
The ACCESS Programme: Understanding and Improving Access to Effective Malaria Treatment in Rural Tanzania

Brigit Obrist van Eeuwijk, Luis Salamanca, Karin Astrid Siegmann, Martin A. Cassel-Gintz
Social Vulnerability and Resilience: Assessing the potential and limitation of a new conceptual approach for pathways to sustainable development

Piet van Eeuwijk, Joyce Nyoni, Honorati Masanja, Vendelin Tarmo Simon, Jana Gerold
From ‘cure to care’ among the elderly. Old-age vulnerability in Tanzania

Stefan Dongus
Malaria risk resulting from urban agriculture: Persisting misconception or urgent need for mitigation? Combining physical and human geographic approaches in an operational setting in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Noemi Steuer
Resilienz im Kontext von AIDS und Stigma in Mali

Silvia Büchi
Gesund sein in der Migration. Gesundheitskonzepte und Gesundheitshandeln im Alltag migrierter Afrikanerinnen und Afrikaner in der Schweiz

Institute of Sociology

Manfred Max Bergman
Human Sciences Research Methodology

Funda UJabule: Foundation Phase School on the Soweto Campus of the University of Johannesburg

Axel Paul
(Il-)Legitime Herrschaft. Forschungen zur Geschichte afrikanischer Staatlichkeit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Ruandas

Department of History

Patrick Harries, Brigit Obrist, Piet van Eeuwijk, Marcel Dreier, Hines Mabika, Pascal Schmid
History of Health and Health Services in Africa. Swiss Mission Hospitals and Rural Health Delivery in the 20th Century

Patrick Harries, Philip Bonner, Sheila Meintjes, Rita Kesselring, Anna Vögeli
Safeguarding Democracy. Contests of Memory and Heritage

Lukas Meier
Striving for Excellence at the Margins. Science, Decolonization, and the History of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) in (post-)colonial Africa, 1943-2000

Lorena Rizzo, Josef Mooser, Patrick Harries
Looking for Clues – Evidential Notions of ethnicity and the Place of Visuality in the Making of Colonial Subject
Police photography and the constitution of colonial subjectivities in Souther Africa, 1880s to 1960s

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Institute of Environmental Sciences

Claudia Jaksic-Born, David-G. Senn
Adaptive Responses of Large Herbivores to the Fire Regime in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Serge Attignon, Thibault Lachat, Peter Nagel, Ralf Peveling, Brice Sinsin
Conservation of Biodiversity in Lama Forest. Role of Forest Plantations for the Viability of Natural Forests (Benin)

R. Hanna, Peter Nagel, Ralf Peveling, Urs Scheidegger, Christine Zundel
Participatory Development of Sustainable Pest Control for Cassava Systems in the Highlands of Cameroon

Clarah Andriamalala, Peter Nagel, Ralf Peveling
The Dynamics of Deforestation in Ambatolampy (Madagascar) from 1967–2001

Peter Nagel, Ralf Peveling
Environmental Monitoring of Locust Control Operations in Malaimbandy, Madagascar

Peter Nagel, Ralf Peveling
Environmental Sustainability of Combative Measures against the Tsetse Fly

Peter Nagel, Andreas Kaupp
Area System Analysis of the Carabidae-Paussinae Beetle. Various Subprojects including Systematics, Phylogenesis and Guest Relationship with their Host Ants and Reconstruction of Landscape Genesis

Clarah Andriamalala
Conservation, exploitation et gestion durable des mangroves à Madagascar

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (SwissTPH)

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (SwissTPH) has two research axes: 1. Public Health & Epidemiology and 2. Medical Parasitology & Infection Biology. Withing these two fields there are numerous projects relating to Africa. For a detailed overview of projects and reserachers see SwissTPH Research.

Marcel Tanner, Kaspar Wyss, Cissé Guéladio (Burkina Faso), N'Diekhor Yémadji (Chad)
Health System Research and Urban Health
Human and Animal Health
Health of Nomadic Populations
Efficient Provision of Health Service

Lukas Meier
Striving for Excellence at the Margins. Science, Decolonization, and the History of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) in (post-)colonial Africa, 1943-2000

Constanze Pfeiffer
Sexual and Reproductive Resilience of Adolescents in East and West Africa

Patricia Schwärzler
Entre programmes de prévention biomédicaux et actions et pensées locales. Gestion de la maladie VIH/SIDA et genre à Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Basel Institute on Governance

Claudia Baez-Camargo, Eelco Jacobs
The Governance of Health Systems

Ecumenics and Missiology

Katrin Kusmierz
The Church and the Public of Societies in Transformation: A Case Study of South Africa

Ulrike Sill
Mission and Encounters. Women in the Setting of the Basel Mission on the Gold Coast in the 19th Century

Heike Walz
"New Ways of Being Church". Ecclesiology and Intercultural Gender Issues

Zentrum Gender Studies

Sonja Merten
Perception and Interpretation of Traditional and Biomedical Health Concepts in a Rural African Community: Nutrition among the Ila-speaking Peoples in Zambia

Stephan Meyer
Communication, Representation and Recognition across Cultural and Gender Divides

Department of English

Therese Steffen
South African Memories of an Unsavoury Past: Lewis Nkosi's The Black Psychiatrist
Political Bodies and the Body Politic in South Africa
(Ways of) Imagining the City

Christine Giustizieri
Writing the City: Narratives of Johannesburg's Urban Space in Contemporary South African Literature

mission 21

Paul Jenkins, Michelle Gilbert
Theophilus Opoku Project (Edition Project)

Guy Thomas
Why Do We Need the White Man's Gold? African Contributions and Responses to the Formation of a Christian Movement in Cameroon, 1914–1968

Institute for Jewish Studies

Daniel Lis
Basel und die Beta Israel 1830-1865. Protestantische Mission und jüdische Identität in Äthiopien




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