New Forms of South-South Cooperation in Africa: Potential and Challenges

New Donors from the South are largely perceived to be undermining the
normative framework established by the New Aid Architecture with its
emphasis on policy reform. We look into the local political processes
unleashed by the presence of large scale investments in Africa by the New
Donors and ask whether such processes are likely to provide a more solid
basis for furthering the governance agenda of international development
given their local grounding.

Thematic foci

At present we are planning three thematic foci which aim at investigating
the following aspects:

Theme I: How is the corporate culture of multinational companies from the New Donor Countries translated into the African settings?

Theme II: How do multinational companies from the New Donor Countries engage with African political, economic and social actors?

Theme III: How do individuals from the New Donor Countries interact with and integrate into the local African setting?

Planned projects

Theme I: Project on Brazilian mining companies in Mozambique
Professor Elísio Macamo and Professor Marta Zorzal

Theme II: PhD-Project on South African mining companies in Tanzania
Albert Tibaijuka (MA)

Theme III: PhD-Project on Chinese migrants in Southern Africa
Sarah Hanisch (MA) (University of Vienna)


Poster Albert Tibaijuka: Stakeholders Dialogue: Multinational Corporations,

Host Communities and Consensus Building (2012)

Afrika-Bulletin No. 143: Süd-Süd Zusammenarbeit