Studying Africa at the University of Basel

The University of Basel and its Centre for African Studies offer numerous options to focus on Africa during your studies:

Since 2002 the Centre for African Studies Basel offers an MA in interdisciplinary African Studies. The study course integrates the specific competencies in African Studies at the University of Basel into an interdisciplinary training combining Natural Sciences and Humanities.

PhD studies on Africa are conducted in various disciplines as well as in interdisciplinary African Studies and there is a lively community of PhD students. For a list of disciplines offering PhD programmes at the University of Basel refer to the respective website.

From May 2013, the Centre for African Studies Basel is offering the advanced studies degree CAS in African Affairs and Intercultural Competence. The continuing education programme aims at professionals dealing with Africa and combines the development of academic knowledge and practical skills.

There are numerous other possibilities of focussing on Africa during your undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Basel. The Department of Social Anthropology for instance has a strong regional focus on Africa and many courses relate to the the continent. Or, students in History can specialise in African History.

For further information relating your study options and conditions for admission see student counselling.




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Further education

CAS in African Affairs and Intercultural Competence

The 2017/18 course starts on 11 May 2017